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Big Bro Program Doubt clearance

Get guidance from mentors from IITs,AIIMSs & Medical Colleges

24*7 doubt clearance

You will be added to a group with mentors from IITs, AIIMSs & Medical Colleges

Get instant solutions through Whatsapp Groups

Total cost of only 500/month.

online test series

Fully online test series for JEE/ NEET

Questions designed by students from IITs, NITs, AIIMSs and Medical Colleges

Exams happen every 4 days and the series has more than 12 exams.

Your possible NEET/JEE rank-prediction available

Solutions and questions of the test will be sent to you

The registration fee for the entire series is 250 rupees

Gotiit JEE/ NEET Test Series - 2020

Key instructions

* Exams will be of 90 mins or 180 mins duration, depending on the test. Marking scheme, exact duration and number of questions will be clear on logging in to the exam portal.

* Students will be able to attempt the exams in mobile phones, tablets or computers(recomended).

* Exams will be completely online.

* There is only a one time registration fee, i.e you can write every test in the series once you register. Click on the above link to register.

What if we could predict your JEE/NEET rank before you wrote the entrance?

Well, its possible.

Don’t worry. The idea is still in testing stages. But what we can offer you is the best prediction tool available today- using Machine Learning . We will be comparing your background, exam practices, knowledge(your performance in our Test Series) etc. to the students already in IITs, NITs, AIIMSs and Medical Colleges to find out your potential rank. Register for the Gotiit All India Exam and get to know your rank potential in JEE/NEET.

What all do we offer?

Gotiit Nation- wide Online Test Series

What if thousands, or maybe even lakhs of students across the nation could compete with each other in online practice tests for JEE,NEET etc? What if students from premier Engineering  and Medical Institutions could help them analyze their mistakes? Won’t that be the end of exam- fear, less practice and all anxiety? Yes, it would be. So we have made it for you.  

Gotiit Study Groups

Have you ever wished that you had a brother or a sister who was studying in an IIT or AIIMS? Have you ever wanted a few like minded buddies to discuss your doubts and concepts? We bet you have. And all of that is now possible with Gotiit, and that too from the comfort of your homes. The best part is you can ask them how they did it !

Online classes and Doubt- clearing sessions

The huge cost of coaching and tutors makes quality education inaccessible to most. But not anymore. Here at Gotiit the brightest students from IITs , NITs,AIIMSs and Medical colleges will groom the next generation of bright minds through live one- on- one sessions. 

Learn from the very best

You must have noticed that by now- all of our team members are from IITs, NITs, AIIMSs  and Medical Colleges– so you needn’t worry a bit about the quality of lessons provided or the genuinity of questions in practice tests. All of our services have been designed from in the light of our experiences and it will undoubtedly help you with your studies.

organisations and authorities cooperating with us

Tensors is a student run organisation from IIT madras. They are experienced in conducting JEE model exam in south India and GCC countries.